Right Side Lower Back Pain Causes

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Right Side Lower Back Pain Causes-In this article, we will discuss the factors causing the right back pain part. Back pain The right part is one of the most common conditions experienced by everyone, especially for those who are elderly. The right-back pain can cause discomfort for those who experience it. In general, right back pain is more difficult to diagnose and treat.

This is because there are several reasons that this disease will only occur once in a lifetime. For the main cause of back pain, the right part is due to the wrong body position and due to lifting the excess load. However, there are also certain causes of right back disease. For more details then just take note of the following reviews!
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This is the Cause of Back Pain Right
This right back pain or back pain may occur acutely or chronically. Acute pain in the right back usually comes suddenly and progresses quickly. As for chronic right back pain, the pain and pain will persist for a relatively long period of time. Here are some of the contributing factors of right back pain:

  • Vetebra: a small bone chain that prevents spinal cord bone (disc). vitebra or olive discs serve as cheese dampers and provide flexibility to the spine. If the disc is disturbed that makes the disc bone protruding through the cartilage tissue. Then will cause pressure on the right spinal cord experienced inflammation.
  • Improper body position, as described above, is one of the most common causes of right vertebral pain. Such as sitting too long or body position error when during sleep.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome, this one disorder can also cause right back pain. For irritable bowel syndrome, this is not known clearly the cause. But there are certain factors that can trigger this condition such as stress, food allergies, and hormonal disorders.

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