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Shot For Back Pain-The spine is like a miracle. On the one hand, this is a central support that allows straight posture, but on the other hand is very flexible and flexible so that twisting and flexing motion is not a problem. In addition, it absorbs jumps and bumps. The special interactions of bone, ligaments, tendons, muscles and intervertebral discs enable all these functions. The spine consists of 33 to 34 vertebrae with similar structures. Except for the upper vertebra, the atlas, each building block consists of a vertebral body, which carries a heavyweight, and a back vortex, which includes a vortex opening. The bone so that makes the channel that wraps the spinal cord and skin, an important part of the central nervous system. Between the vertebral body, the spinal cord arises from the spinal cord, branching out into the peripheral nervous system.

Unlike the ancient temple classical pillars, the spine is a straight beam lined only when viewed from behind. On the side view, it turns into a double S shape, as it bends forward on the neck and lumbar area. This phenomenon is referred to by doctors as cervical and lumbar lordosis. The slight curvature of the back of their chest is called kyphosis. The perfect interplay of both corners absorbs shocks at each step, which otherwise would cause damage.
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Intervertebral discs provide additional elasticity. It sits between the body of the vertebra and the burden of the buffer pressure in the spine such as the shock absorbers. The intervertebral disc is an outer ring connection of the outer fibers and the inner core. This core has a high water content, which is emptied with pressure, including weight, during the day like a sponge. It can even be measured: Everyone shrinks by three centimeters during the day. When it runs out, the core of jelly sucks again completely to its original size. The disk not only draws water but also nutrients. In adults, the gel core depends only on this type of treatment, because after the completion of longitudinal growth, the intervertebral disk is no longer fed by the blood vessels.

Outdated structure

Although his spine is so beautifully built, modern men often overburden him with lifestyle and working conditions. Because back pain leads to Germany with about 80 million days lost the list of causes of inability to work. Surveys say more than 80 percent say their backbone has caused them to feel uncomfortable. About a third of the population suffers from this disease chronically, most often people between the ages of 30 and 50 years, women more than men. It is surprising that the history of suffering begins earlier and that the number of people under the age of 30 increases very strongly. Currently, doctors have diagnosed postural damage in most adolescents. Even elementary school students were affected by about 3 percent.

Too much pressure

Only a small proportion of those affected can identify the obvious causes of back pain such as vertebral fractures, osteoporosis, tumors or vertebral inflammation in ankylosing spondylitis patients. Overall, more than 100 different causes are known. In about 90 percent of those affected, the cause is somewhat nonspecific and ranges from signs of wear and tear to intervertebral discs to muscle tension, caused by one-sided pressure, poor posture, lack of exercise and sitting wrong. Anyone who just leans forward or sits with a crooked back will emphasize the intervertebral discs at certain points. With the load duration, the danger increases so that the damage. Many sufferers, as well as some doctors, underestimate psychic components such as stress, a pressure to do, fear and mental stress. But this is proven to increase muscle tension. About 40 percent of neck and shoulder tension should be triggered by mental causes.

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