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Maybe Simple Diabetic Meals is very useful for the daily menu of diabetics. It is difficult to avoid the combination of carbohydrates (like rice) with meat and vegetables at the same time.
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However, for those of you who are currently experiencing the problem of blood sugar balance, adjusting the time to consume this type of intake could be a way to get a healthier body.

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According to a new study published in the academic journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, eating carbohydrates at the end of the meal is a simple but reliable strategy to keep blood sugar stable.
Stable blood sugar is important for maintaining good health and healthy weight.

The study, led by Louis J. Aronne MD, FACP, Professor of Metabolic Research at the Comprehensive Weight Control Center at Weill Cornell Medical College of New York trying to meet the lack of scientific data about ‘how you eat will affect blood sugar’.

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The team of scientists from Weill Cornell, Columbia University, and Boston Children’s Hospital recruited 16 middle-aged adults with type 2 diabetes to eat foods containing protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates. For 3 days each participant was asked to perform 3 strategies of Simple Diabetic Meals in the following way:

– Eat carbohydrates first, 10 minutes later followed by eating protein and vegetables.
– Protein and vegetables first, 10 minutes then just eat carbohydrates.
– Proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates are all served at the same time.

During the study, participants’ blood sugar levels were always measured before they ate, then every 30 minutes and 180 minutes after meals. “The results are pretty amazing,” says co-researcher Dr. Arrone, Alpana Shukla, MD, MRCP, assistant professor of research in medicine and director of clinical research at Weill Cornell.

“Consuming carbohydrates at the end of the session resulted in a blood sugar level 53.8 percent lower than eating carbohydrates early in the meal, and 40.4 percent lower than eating carbohydrates along with other intakes,” he said.
“That means, regulating carbohydrate feeding times has a significant impact on blood sugar levels.”
The researchers noted that insulin levels were significantly lower when people ate carbohydrates at the end of the meal. Because insulin is needed for blood sugar metabolism, the team considers that eating carbohydrates at the end of the meal makes the body require less insulin.

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Shukla says that the carbohydrate starch structure consumed at the end of the meal session could be the basis for reducing drug doses, including insulin, for the management of type 2 diabetes.
It is possible that this eating strategy can also help you avoid weight gain because higher insulin levels are associated with weight gain.
Although more research is needed, it seems that the research team has convinced that this can be a good option to help stabilize blood sugar levels and maintain health.

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