Stem Cell Therapy For Back Pain

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Stem Cell Therapy For Back Pain-Spine (back) is a very important part of the body. Apart from being the body support bone, there are important nerves where the substance is the same as the sensitive nerves in the brain.

It can be imagined if for some reason the nerves are injured, will have implications for morbidity and mortality, generally causing permanent disturbance to the body.
Injuries occurring in the spinal cord or spinal cord are referred to as Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and the highest cause is due to accidents, but may also be due to inflammation or tumors.

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What are the symptoms of spinal cord injury?

Symptoms of Spinal Nerve
Clinical symptoms of SCI are associated with neurologic.

Usually, the patient becomes difficult to move the neck, leg or waist.
In accordance with the part that is innervated, it can begin with a sensibility disorder (feeling) and then the muscle movement is reduced. Even paralysis occurs, either partially or totally, causing the patient to lie in bed or in a wheelchair.
Disturbance of the vegetative system in the form of disorders of the bladder, CHAPTER and also sexual dysfunction.

the incidence of SCI shows an increase every year. In the USA, approximately 40 cases per million population or about 11,000 new cases per year are found. Statistically, the most common cause of SCI is traffic accident (38,5%) followed by violence, fall from height and sports injury.

In the National Consensus on the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injuries in 2012, one of the most promising treatment methods in the future is with stem cell or stem cell therapy.

What is the treatment of stem cell therapy or stem cells for back pain?

Stem Cell for Spinal Cord Injury Therapy
Stem Cells or Stem Cells are cells that have the ability to multiply themselves by producing cells with the same characteristics as their parent cells and can differentiate into various types of cells in the body. Stem cells are divided into 2, namely embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. One type of adult stem cell is the Mesenchymal Stem Cell (Mesenchymal Stem Cell, MSC) that can be found in the bone marrow, fat tissue, umbilical cord, and milk teeth.

The autologous (self-isolated) stem cell carcinoma has no risk of rejection of the immune system. Stem cell injections to the location of Spinal Cord Injuries are expected to affect damaged cells.

Stem cells differentiate to reconstruct nerve cells and at the same time treatment will produce neurotrophic neural factors, these factors can inhibit neural degeneration or improve nerve regeneration.

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