Symptoms Of Diabetes and how to prevent it

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The symptoms of Diabetes is a condition in which the body does not have the inability to produce enough insulin so the sugar levels in the blood increase.

Diabetes cannot be cured but you can manage to keep blood sugar levels controlled.
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This can happen due to diabetes lack of insulin, insulin is one of the resulting substance the pancreas to be able to manipulate the substance of blood sugar (glucose) so that it can become an energy.

Some of the common symptoms of diabetes sufferer are frequent urination, often feel thirsty and hungry, and the Agency also feels limp and also sleepy.

the symptoms of diabetes can be found by checking the darahLakukan routine checks to check blood sugar levels, a blood sample will be taken if the sufferer is complete fasting for 8 hours or more or less taken after meals. But it would be nice if the inspection is carried out when the sufferer is complete fasting not only after eating.

At the age of information, increased blood sugar tends to increase. A person is said to have diabetes if on examination of blood from the blood vessels smooth blood glucose detected increased to 120 mg while being fast and or increased to 200 mg/dl for the time duration 2 hours after eating.

If the venous blood vessels are checked then your glucose levels increased to 140 mg/dl to 200 mg/dl after time duration 2 hours after eating.
maxresdefault-3-2 Symptoms Of Diabetes and how to prevent it
The Symptoms Of Diabetes Mellitus That You Need To Know

symptoms of diabetes should be known since diniTimbulnya disease and symptoms of diabetes that knows no age. Because of the young age until his parents could have the disease as well as diabetes symptoms when many people are of the opinion that only diabetes in naturally by people who are elderly then the opinion is wrong because a lot of people who young was already experiencing some of the symptoms of diabetes.

At this time many communities who often complain about symptoms of diabetes because the disease indeed simply makes the sufferer being tormented even number of diabetics always increase every year.

Here are some of the symptoms of diabetes mellitus among which are:

  1. You are trying to find a sweet food.
  2. You will be more frequent urination.
  3. You will feel are often thirsty and drinking a lot.
  4. Weight progressively decreases.
  5. It is easy to feel tired and sleepy.
  6. You feel the tingling or numbing. (Diabetic Neuropathy)

Difficult wounds healed and failed to improve.Diabetes symptoms above need to start you notice from now on for the sake of your health, here is a translation and explanation of the above symptoms of diabetes:

You are trying to find a sweet food.

Diabetes symptoms accompanied by a sense of wanting to eat the sweet , excessive due of the pancreas no longer produces insulin perfectly to neutralize the sugar levels in the blood, your body will get used to experiencing a high sugar condition so that when sugar levels the high diminished in your body, then the body will automatically ask for sugar intake is more sugar and eventually will be higher.

You will be more frequent urination.

One of the symptoms of diabetes is often a wastewater little things this happens because the kidneys are always trying to clean the excess glucose that is in your blood circulation.

If it came to the next stage, which is more harmful to kidney function damage will thus increase HbA1C.

You will feel are often thirsty and drinking a lot.

One of the symptoms of diabetes is a lot of drinking and eating this can happen due to too much liquid has been removed from the body. So body feels excessive thirst than people in General.

Try to check out more if you have a habit of this.

Your weight is getting declined.

One of the symptoms of diabetes is weight fast maximum your appetite is normal, but your weight won’t also rise.

This is because the body is no longer able to process glucose to provide energy and consequently is experiencing weak body and lose energy.

It is easy to feel tired and sleepy.

One of the symptoms of diabetes is an easy sleepy symptom diabetes typically occurs after you eat a meal.

After eating will feel sleepy extraordinary flavor accompanied tired and not eager to work.

You feel the tingling or numbness

Diabetes symptoms one is tingling symptoms or numb fingers due to diabetes with Diabetic Neuropathy that is known to damage nerves and blood vessels occur narrowing

This happens because the blood vessels are damaged so that the blood will flow on the ends of your nerves can be reduced.

Difficult wounds healed and failed to improve.

One of the symptoms of diabetes is a difficult wound cure the problem this is another effect of the presence of damage to the blood vessels and nerves in addition to tingling. This resulted in damage diabetics won’t feel the pain if you have wounds and sores will rot because glucose is becoming a place for bacteria to get food. Often the symptoms of advanced diabetes resulted in the organs of the body that needs to be amputated

The Pattern Of Life That Led To The Emergence Of Symptoms Of Diabetes Mellitus

Symptoms of diabetes start you a high sugar level should also find out what your daily life habits that can cause diabetes, which are:

  • Often drink sweet tea. High intake of sugar causes your blood sugar levels soaring. Not to mention the risk of excess calories. It is worth to you each day if the alleged excess calories, the ends will be the obesity and diabetes as well. You can replace the sweet tea that you usually drink with white water, unsweetened tea or by limiting sugar consumption is no more than two teaspoons.
  • Like the snacking. You may think by limiting the lunch or dinner you can prevent yourself from diabetes. But it is wrong because the sugar and the flour contained in it have a role in raising the existing sugar levels in the blood. You can change your snacking habits by eating fresh fruit.
  • The Hobby Of Fried Foods. Perhaps because of its relatively small, you are not sufficient when only eating a fried foods only. When the Pan is one of the triggers of the disease are exposed to the risk of diabetes. You can replace fried foods with peanut or nut pie with Japan.
  • Lazy to do physical activity. If you are lazy to do, you can do various things, let alone walk, cycling, sports or other activities.
  • You often feel stress or pressure in activities a day – the day of for instance with family and work problems

Tips On How To Prevent Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes occurs due to your unhealthy lifestyle. In order to avoid diabetes, then you should do some tips on how to prevent diabetes mellitus below, namely:

  1. You have to be active.
  2. Switch to wheat.
  3. Consumption of cinnamon.
  4. Consumption of Apple vinegar.
  5. Avoid sugary drinks.
  6. Replace red meat with white meat.
  7. Eating vegetables.
  8. The following is an elaboration of the points above:

You have to be active. Because physical activity you do is able to lower blood sugar and increases sensitivity to insulin. Do you know if aerobic sports such as gymnastics indeed believed to able to help control the presence of diabetes?

Switch to wheat and grain consuming also. Because refined carbohydrates such as starch and sugar can increase the risk of diabetes is exposed. Whole wheat bread, cereal, excellent food and the like to prevent diabetes because it slows the absorption of carbohydrates.

Consuming cinnamon. By consuming one gram of cinnamon every day can reduce blood sugar.

Try to consume apple vinegar. If you consume two tablespoons of vinegar every day, it is believed can lower the blood sugar spike.

Avoid drinking sweetened beverages. If you often drink sweet beverages only makes you vulnerable affected by diabetes.

Replace red meat with white meat. Red meat does indeed include a protein source, but will only increase the risk of diabetes is exposed. You can replace it with a safer food such as chicken and fish.

It’s good you eat vegetables as extra fiber to bind and reduce the absorption of cholesterol into the blood. You can use colored vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, radish, avoid too many green vegetables as it will lead to gout.

That’s some of the things you can do to prevent the risk of illness of diabetes. A healthy lifestyle that is often overlooked by most people makes the incidence of diseases that could harm the health of the body. Various diseases appear with a variety of factors and one of them because of the unbalanced food intake.

Diabetes is one of the diseases that can invade the human body too often experienced by many people, the cause could be due to, among others, descendants and your daily living habits also are unbalanced.

Suffering from diabetes is so agonizing. For if you are affected by this disease, you are very limited in their daily activities to within the food you consume is also restricted. It’s good you prevent early before it is exposed to the risk of diabetes. A healthy lifestyle and also balanced that you need to apply.


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