Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar In Diabetics

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Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar In Diabetics-For fear of blood sugar levels are too high, many diabetics who have a strict diet or are consuming excessive medications. As a result, the blood sugar levels are too low or hypoglycemia.

Many diabetics who are unconscious because of low blood sugar levels, do not have high blood sugar levels.

“People who still have their blood sugar 400 roads. If low blood sugar levels, for example, 40, a person might fall, ”
6-Cara-Sederhana-Menjaga-Gula-Darah-Normal-Bagi-Pasien-Diabetes-1 Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar In Diabetics
Low blood glucose levels or hipoglikemi could be the body is not energized. Symptoms are cold sweat, dizziness, pounding heart up. As a result of the body, including the brain can not function properly.

Low blood sugar levels can be caused by excessive dose of diabetics as well as insulin injection. Another cause for not eating or less intake of carbohydrates.

Sidarta said overseas, type 1 diabetic patients who use insulin syringe always carry glucose tablets. If you hipoglikemi, a sweet drinking consumption immediately, like the sweet tea. If the patient is unconscious, take him to the hospital immediately.

In the case of diabetics, the consumption of foodstuffs may not be exaggerated, in particular the eating of sugar-containing foods or the high levels of sugar. However, this does not mean diabetic patients should not eat sugar at all. Eat in a balanced manner and regularly take medication that should already be referred to a doctor.

In addition, routine control blood glucose levels, including HbA1c or image check blood glucose levels for three months.

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