What To Take For Lower Back Pain

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What To Take For Lower Back Pain-pain in the lower back often complained of some people during exercise. What is the reason?

Described by orthopedic and traumatology specialists, pain in the lower back after exercise can occur due to strain in muscle
Usually felt due to repetitive movements such as running, twisting motion while playing golf, or holding the weight when lifting the iron.
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“Many arise especially if less stretch before starting sport,”

What To Take For Lower Back Pain-If you experience this, massage can be done to reduce the pain and help the healing of back pain. But keep in mind, massage can help if the cause comes from strained muscles and strains.

“Be careful massage is too hard or without the basis of the right diagnosis,” said Dr. Andri caution.

If you often have lower back pain, should X-rays be used to confirm the condition? “Rontgen is not very important, but it can show muscle spasms and exclude other possible diseases,” he said.

Therefore, if the lower back pain is often felt and has been very disturbing, you should see a doctor.

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