How To Test For Diabetes At Home

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Do you want to be very sure that you are doing OK on pre-diabetes before? Here is a method of pre-diabetes testing that is used by medical experts who believe that you can never be too careful with blood sugar.
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  • Step 1 Get a good quality meter house. It will help you monitor glucose levels on a regular basis.
  • Step 2 quickly at night. Twelve hours is a must. So if you have dinner at 19.00 pm, nothing but water until 7:00. Take the first reading. This is called your fasting blood sugar or FBG. Write that down.
  • Step 3 Take the next reading of sugar in your blood just before you start eating lunch
  • Step 4 Eat your typical lunch. When you’re done with lunch, don’t eat anything else for the next 3 hours. After an hour of lunch, test the sugar and write it down.
  • Step 5 2 hours after lunch, re-test
  • Step 6 final Test due: 3h after lunch

Repeat these tests for two days, record what you ate and what you measured for each test.

Now that you know how to test diabetes at home, read on to find out what these test results mean.

What do we measure in the pre-diabetes test?

The first test (fasting blood glucose or FBG) tells us how much sugar in the blood hovers after fasting for 12 hours. It should be at its lowest at this point. Keep in mind: The American Diabetes Association groups each with quick glucose between 100-126 mg/dl or what might as well be called HbA1c between 5.7-6.4% as with pre-diabetes.

However, we know that sugar can cause severe damage (heart damage, cancer risk, etc.) to levels much lower than this. Thus, doctors eager to protect their patients with even mild pre-diabetic damage want to see a number less than 86 mg/dl on this test. Keep a diabetes test results chart in a place you can see daily and fill the numbers regularly to keep track of your blood sugar levels.

Interpreting the results

If your blood glucose results are at the border, say systematically at about 95mg/dl for the fasting test and about 140-45 mg/dl, you can consider easy to take action to prevent pre-diabetes.

If your blood glucose results are slightly alarming, say at 150-160 mg/dl after an hour or 130 mg/dl After two hours, you need to make simple lifestyle changes to reverse pre-diabetes.

In the event that you are close to 180-190 mg/dl after the primary hour of sustenance and it remains higher than say 160 mg/dl After two long periods of lunch, you require more genuine help. Nutritional supplements can help with diet and lifestyle changes to keep you from repeating visits to the doctor’s office.

If your results returned from a 40-50 of constant points to two or more tests, you need professional help. Please see a holistic Doctor who will help you understand and treat the problem.

Regardless of which of these categories you fall into, remember-knowledge is power. Understand what is really going on in diabetes, what side effects you can face when you go to prescription medications for diabetes and what alternatives are available in the world of dietary supplements.

Finally, work the same things that work for diabetes also for pre-diabetes. So in the event that you eat appropriately, practice right, get in shape, do some yoga and decrease worry in your life, you could turn around your pre-diabetes too

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