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“Ever since I got an iPhone®I have used diabetes programs to keep tabs on my kid’s blood sugar levels and carbohydrate ingestion,” says Marie, whose 11-year-old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 three years back.
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Glucose Buddy Diabetes Helper: This iPhone app that is free will be able to help you log your child’s blood sugar levels, carbohydrate intake sugar levels, and activities. In addition, it permits you to sync the logs to Glucosebuddy.com in which you can observe data history free of price.

CarbFinder: CarbFinder is a food database for the ones that want to monitor their carbohydrate consumption. Designed with all the requirements that this app comprises a listing of meals.

TrackMyShots: The TrackMyShots app is a program which allows users to keep a log of their shots without carrying paper and a pen. In addition to that, it doesn’t cost a thing!

Nutri-Touch®: This is a brand-new application for BlackBerry® produced by Tony Jenning, the daddy of a lady with type 1 diabetes. The program offers meal list data lookup that is nourishment and recording that is nutrition. It contains insulin dose calculation, and resources for blood sugar reporting that might be emailed for your doctor, recording, and editing. A trial is.

DLife® Diabetes Companion: This iPhone program that is free provides you with access to the tools you’ll need to manage your child’s diabetes. Watch videos receive answers to your questions, track and handle, and look up foods and recipes your child’s blood sugar everywhere.

Diabetes Buddy Lite: The free Diabetes Buddy application for iPhone is built to aid you to deal with your child’s diabetes by tracking the components that influence his/her blood sugar level, monitoring the changes, planning ahead accordingly, and sharing the data with your child’s doctor’s You have the ability to log and monitor medications, insulin shots, and sugar levels. It comprises a food database.

OnTrack Diabetes: This Android® program helps parents manage their child’s diabetes by tracking many different things like medications, food, blood sugar, blood pressure, heartbeat, exercise, and weight.

Diabetes Log: a person with type 1 diabetes created This iPhone program. It lets you log export files of your own logs and medication information, and your child’s blood sugar readings into your computer or into a healthcare provider.

Glucool: This Android app can help you deal with your child’s diabetes by tracking key info (for example, HbA1c, a test that measures blood sugar over time) that you’re able to view in a journal or on graphs, send to your doctor, use to compute data, and a great deal more. The best version with these features is $4.99.

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