What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Back Pain

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What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Back Pain-Everyone would want a good sleep quality. Good sleep quality is believed to improve one’s health. Conversely, poor quality will lead to various diseases.
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Pain in the back, especially the lower back, is a common complaint. In the medical world is known as low back pain.

Back pain can occur when there is a disturbance in the spinal joint. Some of the causes are accidents, injuries, sleeping habits and the wrong sitting position, bending or lifting things.

Back pain can disappear by itself. But it can also last long or known as chronic back pain.

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Mattress and Back Pain

The lure of good sleep quality and can reduce back pain makes many people competing to buy expensive mattresses or mattresses. But the use of mattresses that are not right can make the position of the spine is not in a straight line.

As a result, there is back pain or aggravate the pain that already exists. The researchers believe that the right mattress is a mattress that keeps the spine position aligned straight line.

When choosing a mattress to deal with back pain complaints, the mattress should be strong enough to support your spine. Make sure the mattress is not too hard or too soft (medium hard-firm). Because there is a possibility you sleep in various positions (changing positions).

Memory with memory foam material (foam memory) is a good type of mattress for the spine. In addition, some studies say that the mattress with a and waterbed (water mattress) is also good to overcome back pain complaints.

What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Back Pain?

1.There are currently several mattresses that are specially designed by incorporating the softness of the memory foam and so that it produces a soft mattress, with the surface still firm or not easily sagging.

One study showed that in 90 days, back pain sufferers who used mattresses with medium hardness decreased spinal or back pain relative to patients who used very hard or very soft mattresses.

2.Find Mattress / Spring Bed With Special Technology For Spine

A good spring bed should have a special section to support your spine in an ideal position. The human spine has a curve that must be supported properly so that its position corresponds to a healthy natural curve.

Currently, there are many spring bed mattresses that have Back Support technology. With some level of the zone the hardness of the spring adjusted to your curves.

Regarding the level of violence, if there is no special advice from your doctor, then you do not need to buy extra hard bed mattress. Because if you are not used, you might have trouble sleeping. In general, mats with Medium / Medium hardness are the best.

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3.Select Also Mattress / Spring Bed That Have Comfort Features

Comfort features are also a very important factor. Because when you rest, then comfort is the main thing as well. Look for bed products that have layers to support comfort level / Comfort. Usually, there is a top layer that consists of latex, memory foam, cashmere, or others.

4.Know When It’s Time To Change Your Bed

If your bed has a permanent groove that is usually located in the middle/waist, then it is time for you to change your bed. Becausebesidetched bed beside being uncomfortable is also not ideal for a healthy spine position. Also consider other physical features, such as wrapping cloth, or even unpleasant odors. Older mattresses usually have less unpleasant odors caused by moisture, mold, or other microbes.

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