Types Of Injections For Back Pain That You Know

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Types Of Injections For Back Pain-Back pain is a very common health problem and is documented as a major cause of absenteeism in most parts of the world. Acute low back pain from injury to muscles, ligaments, joints or discs. The body responds to the wound by mobilizing the inflammatory healing response. This inflammation, along with the compression applied to the nerve roots, is a major cause of low back pain and pain related to the thighs and legs. Fortunately, the pain heals for most within 2-4 weeks.
vacunasss Types Of Injections For Back Pain That You Know
Sometimes, however, the pain is chronic and can limit the patient’s daily activities. Studies have shown that local injections in chronic low back pain are very useful. Epidural steroid injections are most commonly used for therapeutic purposes in patients with chronic low back pain. Up to three injections can be given within two weeks. However, long-term results do not appear to be different from those obtained with single injections.

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Although the response to injections varies, many believe epidural injections are short-lived. An injection with corticosteroids may be helpful in inflammation of the focus. These cases include back pain, degenerative disc disease, lumbar disc herniation, and cervical stenosis.

The ablation injections that are intended to describe the normal sensory nerves can provide better long-term support in properly selected patients. For example, ablation can be used to damage nerve fibers in the coccyx so that the nerve is no longer able to send pain signals to the brain. Ablation can be performed chemically by injectable neurotoxic materials such as phenol and / or ethyl alcohol directly into the target neuronal network.

Whatever the condition is, the procedure involves injecting around the selected nerve causing the pain. The needle procedure is positioned near the nerve and the neurolytic agent is implanted around the nerve. This procedure can be performed either for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.

Facial joints, ie small joints between the spine on both sides of the back spine, can be injected directly with steroids. Rhizotomy Frequency Fibrillation Rhizotomy is a procedure in which a special probe needle is inserted around the facet joint and radio frequency energy is used to destroy small sensory nerves. Studies have shown that facet rhizotomy has an analgesic effect for an average of fifteen months.

Regardless of the different names of pain injections, they are considered a less intrusive treatment than a surgical intervention. In addition, most spinal injections cause the pain to decay for different periods of time based on specific procedures that are performed concomitantly with the severity of the disease.

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Spinal fluoroscopic guided injections involve the use of contrast agents and X-rays to see the delicate human spinal structure. This technology provides sufficient visualization during the pain injection procedures and helps to achieve better results. Spinal injections with fluoroscopy instructions are considered safe procedures. In all operations of the spine injection, the patient lies on the side or at an angle on the operating table.

First, where the injection is cleaned with antiseptic. Second, deeper skin and tissue with local anesthesia numb. Thereafter, the X-ray tube device is positioned over the body and the process needle is guided to the target location depending on its condition. When the doctor views the tip of the needle, he injects the drug into the target joint or space, then the needle procedure is removed and a small bandage is applied to the site.

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