What Are Good Snacks For Diabetics

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Diabetes mellitus is one of the degenerative diseases that many suffer today. This disease is growing along with the development of the times and patterns of unhealthy living. Unhealthy life pattern, for example, lack of physical activity, eating unhealthy foods, and so on.

As a result, the glucose levels in the blood rise and become appears signs of diabetes mellitus as frequent peeing (poliuri), was always hungry and eating continues (polifagi), and drinking plenty of water (polidipsi). If your fasting blood sugar levels above 126 mg/dl, blood sugar 2-hour postprandial above 200 mg/dl and blood sugar while above 200 mg/dl, it is likely you are suffering from diabetes mellitus.
4-Camilan-Sehat-untuk-Diabetes-yang-Aman-untuk-Dikonsumsi What Are Good Snacks For Diabetics
What was feared by this disease? This disease can cause complications in various organs in the body. Diabetes can cause stroke, coronary heart disease and heart attack, disorders of the peripheral nerves (neuropathy), disorders of the digestive tract (gastropati), and abnormalities of other organs be it mikrovaskular or macrovascular.

Handling diabetes mellitus apart from drug therapy with antidiabetic, diet food should also be maintained. Foods to watch out for is the 3J, i.e. the amount, type, and hours of eating. Serving of food should not be too much, what kind of food should be varied and try the carbs eaten are complex carbohydrates, as well as set the hour to eat each day.

Snack food is also very important in time duration from breakfast to lunch, lunch to dinner too long. When the dinner too early, then edible snacks to keep sugar levels in the blood.

The right snacks
Good snacks for diabetics are high fiber-containing snacks like fruit, or popcorn (without any additional seasoning). In addition, combined well with protein and good fats such as nuts, grains or avocado.

If you want to eat sweet foods is okay, for example, a piece of small brown or if you want a slightly larger like ice cream. However, when choosing a delicacy, best eaten when feeding afternoon because calories are still needed for it to resume activity. The number of carbohydrates being consumed any time must be reduced.

The number of snacks for diabetics
The number of snacks that can be consumed by diabetics ranges 15-20 grams of carbs or 150 calories or less. Some examples of healthy snacks for diabetics mellitus, among others:

A. 10-20 grams of carbs below 150 calories:

-1 Apple or orange small-medium size

-1 cup berries or slice of melon

-15 grains of grapes

-5-6 fruit of wheat biscuits

-1 piece of whole wheat bread + peanut butter

-¼ cup mixed berries and nuts

B. 30 grams of carbohydrates (100-150 calories)

-1 package of instant oatmeal

-1 piece bananas

-1 Apple or orange size large


-1 fruit + low-fat yogurt

C. less than 5 grams of Carbohydrate (under 150 calories)

-1 hard boiled egg grain

-1 ounce low-fat cheese

-Carrots, saledri, tomatoes and vegetables rich in fiber

-Jelly without sugar

D. sweet treats that can be consumed

-15 grams carbohydrates: whole grain crackers, 5 3 wafers vanilla, oreo biscuits and 2

-30 grams of carbohydrates: 16 biscuits crackers ½ cup instant pudding, ½ cup ice cream

For these sweet treats we recommend to mengonsumsinya during the day, so you can use the prepare to continue your activities.

Snacks for diabetics to keep in mind is whether mengemil really wanted because of hunger or because of other factors such as stress, tired, angry, anxious, or maybe because you feel thirsty, in some people can be wrongly perceives as thirst hunger. To note also the serving of beverages, not to exceed the recommended caloric. To snacks is to keep blood sugar levels steady, not to raise blood sugar levels and more. Don’t forget to always choose snacks that fewer calories.

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