What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes

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What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes-It is generally a disease of Diabetes mellitus (DM) arising from wrong mainly lifestyle which led to the accumulation of pile sugar levels in the blood and is above the normal threshold that is a chronic and long-term. Under normal conditions, glucose is the primary energy source for the cells in the body to build muscle tissue, as well as also for the brain, but if the excess can be harmful because it triggered a blood sugar disease/diabetes.
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In fact, at least until the year 2013, is estimated to be millions of people in America with the age range 20-79 years contracted the disease. And uniquely, just less than 50% are aware that they contracted the disease is chronic and dangerous. Normal blood sugar levels in the human body are 70-130 mg/dl when fasting.

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Because the symptoms are similar to regular pain condition, then many people are not aware that they have diabetes and even lead to complications. To ensure that a person does have diabetes or not then need to check through the doctor’s diagnosis of blood.

For the layman, should at least know some symptoms that usually accompany this blood sugar disease such as the following:

Weight loss gradually
Weight is okay, but if it happens continuously then you need to be alert. Someone who already have diabetes usually undergoes a drastic weight loss and significant. It is considered an early symptom of diabetes, glucose result could not be optimally absorbed by the body.

Appetite Increased Due To The Cells Need More Energy Intake
It could be, an increased appetite that someone is a sign of early diabetes. This happens because the cells are expecting more glucose intake, and sourced from food. However, the body is not in optimum condition and could be metabolism well, this sparked an ongoing hunger.

The Intensity Increased Urination Usually Evening
The symptoms of diabetes are that most known society. Urinate constantly and often, are the early symptoms of diabetes. When this happens it’s good to immediately check me, so you can get immediate and quick handling.

Feel Tingling or numbness due to Nerves start to break
This symptom occurs if the sugar levels in the blood are high enough already. Tingling and numb fingers (numbness) on body parts such as fingers or toes, feet, and hands are a sign to alert because it could be diabetes showed symptoms of advanced stage. This occurs due to damage to the nerve fibers.

Decreased vision, disturbed and Blurred
Increasing glucose levels cause fluid to enter the restricted blood vessels to the eyes. These circumstances could even make an eye lens change shape. But such traits could be lost if blood sugar reduced and normal.

Easy to make cuts and hard-dried or Cured
Diabetics because the excess sugar levels cause immune and immune system become abnormal. When a diabetic has an open wound, it will be very difficult for the process of healing.

The main yeast infection occurs in the mouth
A woman of diabetics generally also coupled with a yeast infection. This fungus will appear in some parts of the mouth, usually in the form of thrush in the mouth, also part of the vaginal infection caused by the fungus candida.

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