What Can I Do For Back Pain

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What Can I Do For Back Pain-In the midst of your busy every day, of course, you ever feel pain or pain in the back due to physical fatigue.

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Pain in the back is very disturbing especially if it lasts long and accompanied by pain or even muscle cramps.

Almost everyone has experienced back problems at a certain age. This is because muscle tone and strength tend to decrease with age so that the back is more susceptible to injury.

Increasing age makes the spine rigid, the spine disk becomes worn, and the spinal space narrows, thus making the bones rub against.

This condition is common but should not cause pain or disturbing pain.

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If we know how to handle the pain or back pain, the severity of the increase in pain will be avoided.

Actually, back pain is a very normal body response because when the back starts to ache, it indicates it’s time for the body to rest to prevent further injury.

Tips Overcoming Back Pain

1 # Heat Therapy

Hot therapy can help improve circulation to speed healing and reduce pain by relaxing stiff muscles or aches and helping to restore movement.
How to use heat therapy by compressing the back with hot water, for 20 minutes several times a day.

2 # Cold Therapy

Cold therapy can reduce inflammation, can draw blood vessels to limit bruising, and reduce pain by playing a role similar to local anesthetics.
Use cold therapy by compressing your back with cold water for 15 minutes every 2-3 hours.

3 # Sports

Regular exercise can maintain muscle flexibility and maintain abdominal muscle strength by means of sit-ups or daily routine push-ups to prevent the body from back problems.

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4 # Yoga

Yoga can also help reduce back pain by relieving symptoms gradually over several months.

5 # Massage

If back pain is caused by muscle tension or muscle cramps, then massage can relax muscles and reduce pain significantly.

6 # A lot of Rest

Many rest your back to accelerate the healing process, but not with total rest in bed for a long time. Because lying in bed for too long will slow the healing process.

7 # Stretching

Do light stretching exercises. Avoid movements that, jerking, throwing, or other movements that aggravate pain.

Do good movement and posture. Do not stand or sit in a bent or too leaning position.

Although rare, back pain can be the result of serious problems such as cancer, arthritis, and other diseases.

The pain that gets worse and continuous for a month or more should be checked immediately to the doctor.

If back pain shows symptoms as below, seek immediate medical attention immediately.

Severe back pain, or persist for months.

  • Back pain resulting from an injury. So do not move someone
  • who suffers severe pain in the back or cannot use his hands or feet after the accident.
  • Back pain causes weakness, pain or numbness in the legs or on the hands.
  • Back pain is accompanied by fever and weight loss.

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