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In the past, diabetes is a disease that most often occurs in elderly people.

But as more and more people have a bad lifestyle, currently the common disease suffered by young people.

According to the WHO, there are as many as 422 million adults who suffered diabetes in the year 2014.

Still, from the same data, diabetes causes 1.5 million people died in the year 2012.
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Note also that from the total number of such deaths, as many as 43% of diabetics died before even 70 years old. That means diabetes claimed a total of 3.7 million lives of productive age young people from all over the world.

However, the long life expectancy of diabetics is not a dream in broad daylight. You can still have a healthy life and longevity, as long as you know what to do.

Here’s a variety of ways so that the age-old diabetics durable until later

1. Drinking cure diabetes with regular

Diabetics typically are given blood sugar controlled drugs. Diabetes drug most often given is metformin.

In severe cases, insulin syringe becomes a last resort to control blood sugar levels. Always conform to the doctor’s orders and use Your diabetes medications as recommended by the use of the already determined.

2.Applying the principle of 3T every day, it can make you have a long life. The principle of appropriate length is 3T quantity, types, and precise schedule.

If you have diabetes, then you should apply the principles of this diet so that your blood sugar levels under control and to avoid the complications of diabetes.

Right type, meaning you have to be clever-clever choosing the food you consume.

This is because of the food, your blood sugar can just be jumped suddenly. From now on, avoid all types of sweet foods, such as candy, pastries, as well as food or drinks containing sugar.

Choose complex carbohydrates which normally exists in the staple food. But, select also the staple food that contains a lot of fiber, such as red rice or wheat bread.

If necessary, replace Your sugar consumption with low-calorie sweeteners are healthier.

The exact amount. There is not enough by setting its course, but you have to know the right amount or servings so that they cannot make blood sugar levels rise.

Usually, it is tailored to the needs of Your daily calories. For details, you can consult a nutritionist to help make daily diet menu.

The precise schedule. You should have a specific time schedule to eat every day so that your body can adapt and manipulate food properly.

3. Have to choose the appropriate footwear
One risk of complications which often experienced by diabetics is the wounds or ulcers. This is because the nervous system at the feet of diabetics is no good anymore.

So, many of those who do not feel the sensation of baal and any part of the foot and prone to injuries in the leg.

In addition, injuries due to diabetes are generally difficult to heal. Especially when the sugar levels uncontrollably. Therefore, the most appropriate thing to prevent injuries in the legs is to use the appropriate footwear.

For example, when performing activities outside the home, select footwear which has a thick sole and instep is covered. Be careful when want to rock on the reflexology. Avoid also the footwear that is too narrow.

4. effective Exercise lower blood sugar levels

The sport is already so everyone’s needs, as well as food that is nutritious. In this case, the sport is also one of the ways the mainstay diabetics to prevent complications.

Exercise routine can help sufferers control their blood sugar levels

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