What Causes Depression In Adults

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Stress is feeling uncomfortable, uncomfortable, or depressed, either physical or psychic in response or reaction of the individual against the stressor (stimulus in the form of events, objects, or people) that threaten, disrupt, overburden, or harm the safety, interests, desires, or the welfare of her life.
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Basically, the stress in adults is caused mostly by economic factors, job, and family. But the most prominent sources of stress are jobs and the economy. This problem seems to highlight the fact that concern about the financial welfare for retired persists, despite reports that the economy is improving. Many adults who continue to struggle with financial aspects that are declining and an increase in the amount of that change their retirement budget to compensate for difficult economic times.

In coping with stress, adults use a variety of strategies, including exercise (48 percent), reading (56 percent), prayer (44 percent), and spending time with family and friends (44 percent). Relaxation can also cope with stress in adults. Relaxation can make one’s mind calm and peaceful. Meditation can also be used as one way of coping with stress. Meditation also has other advantages such as concentration became sharper and the mind becomes calmer.

When stress affects physical, then it could use drugs. But the drugs themselves are also less effective because it could lead to dependency, costs, and make people immune to the drug. But, sometimes there are some adults who are coping with stress with negative things. Such a hard drink, smoke and eat too much.

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