What Causes Diabetic Nerve Pain

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Definition and Overview
Nerve pain is the pain due to nerve fibers are damaged, injured, or the malfunctioning experience. They are complex and chronic neuropathy with several symptoms beginning mildly to severe. Neuropathy pain rather than simply a condition, this is the result of a disease that affects the somatosensory system up to 7 to 100 people suffer from painful neuropathy, which most suffers is a group of elderly.
telapak-kaki-sakit-bisa-jadi-ini-penyebabnya-alodokter What Causes Diabetic Nerve Pain
Symptoms of nerve pain
The pain of the nerve is not always accompanied by great pain. But almost always accompanied the rate of abnormal sensitivity to pain in the form of constant discomfort until the pain was unbearable. Discomfort can be paralyzing, a sense of warmth, tingling, pain as impaled, or in the form of electric shock. Following a term used to describe the discomfort on the nerves:

Allodynia: harmless stimuli in the form of a light touch that is capable of a sense of discomfort or pain
Hyperpathia: a short period of discomfort to cause great pain
Hyperalgesia: a mild discomfort which great pains to translate them as nerves that aren’t bearable
Paraesthesia: discomfort or pain that is felt even when there is no physical stimulation directly, founders

Causes Of Nerve Pain
Seems to be no single cause for this condition. However painful neuropathy often found associated with peripheral nerve damage. Damage and injury to the brain or spinal cord also causes pain nerves. Other neuropathy causes include:

  • Trigerminal neuralgia or nerve infection cranial (skull)
  • Shingles (snake or smallpox infection herpes zoster) or viral infection on neural
  • Diabetic neuropathy, a nerve disorder that is found in people with diabetes (more than 25% neuropathy caused by diabetes)
  • Motor neuron diseases such as multiple sclerosis
  • Neuropathy due to HIV
  • Cancer and its treatment
  • Alcohol consumption or drug side effects
  • The buildup of toxic substances
  • Physical injuries to the nerves
  • Connective tissue disease
  • Complications of stroke

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