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What Is Pre Diabetic Mean-The last few months I’ve gotten a whole lot of emails from readers of my blog. And afterealhing, with real emails coming up mostly wondering what is a PRADIABETES? To answer this question is actually very simple, but the problem for me is that this issue is a proof that socialization about the dangers of diabetes in Indonesia is still very low because the I posted this article news specifically on the Question to answer, what is a PRADIABETES?

Before a person suffers from diabetes or diabetes mellitus (DM) Type 2, almost always by a state called PRADIABETES. PRADIABETES is when a person’s blood glucose level is higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.

Some studies mention that while prediabetes happened to damage the body, especially the heart and circulatory system. Other studies also mentioned that if blood glucose levels can be controlled during the prediabetes, then the Genesis DM Type 2 can be prevented or slowed down.

There are two types of examination that can be done to find out if anyone experiences the prediabetes, i.e. fasting blood sugar (GDP) and oral glucose impact assessment (TTGO). Someone who will carry out a test of GDP needs the quick in the evening. In examining GDP, measured blood sugar in the morning before eating. TTGO is based on the study of blood glucose measured after fasting and then two hours after the consumption of beverages with high sugar content.

After the examination, the blood glucose level will be checked to see if a person has a normal metabolism, prediabetes or diabetes. If abnormal levels of GDP are then known as fasting blood sugar is impaired. Whereas the results are abnormal TTGO then known as impaired glucose tolerance. Someone referred to as prediabetes when the level of GDP reach 100 mg/dl S/d < 126 mg/dl or 140 mg/dl TTGO S/d < 200 mg/dl.

Who has to carry out the examination?
People with prediabetes often do not feel the symptoms of diabetes. Therefore, if you have reached the age of 45 years or more and have excess body weight, preferably blood glucose controls for the early detection of prediabetes.
What-is-Prediabetes What Is Pre Diabetic Mean
In adults aged less than 45 years and excess body weight, your doctor will likely propose to do the exam prediabetes if you have other risk factors for diabetes or prediabetes, for example, you have a descendant parent who Diabetes. If your blood glucose level is normal, the examination can be carried out every three years.

How can you prevent Prediabetes from becoming diabetic?
Research conducted diabetes prevention programs that about 11% of people with pradiabetes will develop in type 2 DM average after three years. Other studies have claimed that many people with diabetes in Prediabetes will develop after ten years. In addition, people with heart disease risk Prediabetes has 1.5 times greater than the normal person. Nevertheless, Prediabetes is a state that can be considered as styled.

Someone with pradiabetes can be prevented DM type 2 by changing the diet and increasing physical activity. Diet and physical activity is even better than the use of medications in slowing the progression of pradiabetes to become diabetes.

Development of prediabetes be diabetes can be reduced by as much as 58% by allowing moderate physical activity every day for 30 minutes and lose weight as much as 5-10%. One of the physical activity is simply easy to do is run.

By changing lifestyle or lifestyle, increased blood sugar levels in some people with prediabetes can return to normal. Given the risk of heart disease is greater in people with prediabetes, then the risk factors for heart disease are also notable as smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

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