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What Kind Of Doctor For Back Pain-Treating back pain often involves the experience of some types of medical specialists, depending on the cause and severity of your back pain. You can start by consulting your primary care physician for an initial evaluation. What Kind Of Doctor For Back Pain that includes:
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-A physiologist (specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation)
-A neurologist (if a nervous problem causes pain)
-A psychologist (if your pain is caused or aggravated by stress or other psychological problems)
-An orthopedic surgeon
-A rheumatologist (if your back pain is caused by arthritis or other joint problems)
-A physical therapist and/or occupational therapist (to help you learn to move and exercise in a way that does not make pain worse but improves it)
-Pain management specialist

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Not all treatments for back pain are agreed by all health professionals, and not all will be true for everyone with back pain. You must find the right combination of therapies for you. If you leave your care to someone else, someone who has two hundred other patients to think about or someone whose understanding of back pain has not changed since medical school twenty years ago, this is what you will probably get.

See a family doctor, and she can prescribe painkillers and tell you that your pain will go away. If not, it will direct you to an orthopedist. The orthophytes usually prescribe anti-inflammatory and physiotherapy drugs and say that the pain will disappear. Otherwise, they will refer you to a neurologist, who will perform a battery test and then repeat what the orthopedics has said. Then you have a surgeon, and if you get to this point, it will definitely repeat what the orthopaedist and the neurologist tell you. If the pain had not disappeared, I would have been operating.

Try alternative treatment routes, and you will find that chiropractors will determine handling and adjustment. Acupuncturists will need their needles. The masseurs will rub a little, and although the massage feels good, it has not been shown to affect the results. Psychologists and psychiatrists: well, just say that blaming your parents, spouse or boss will not make you feel better.

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It is not my intention to prohibit respectable professionals, and there may be times when I need one or more of them. In many cases, they can be very useful, but all too often they have trouble seeing beyond their usual practice. And in an unfavorable and ironic way, standard practice is probably the most important cause of the chronic epidemic of throat and neck. The key is to find the right professional, for the right reasons, at the right time.

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