What To Eat When You Re Pre Diabetic

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What To Eat When You Re Pre Diabetic-Have symptoms of pre-diabetes as living on the border. Every single thing you do will be very influential. Overcome the symptoms of pre-diabetes to make You happy, while being careless can lead to more severe stages, namely, diabetes. Thus, what is pre-diabetes?
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“When a person’s blood sugar level high, including, but not high enough to be called diabetes, then he has pre-diabetes,” explained Dr Shalini Jaggi, senior consultant at the Centre, such as Diabetic Action offered by Health Me Up (27/11).

Dr. Shalini revealed some sign of pre-diabetes, as follows:
1. Often feel hungry
2. Decline in weight loss or weight gain much
3. Flavor weak, eyes are blurred, as well as the slowness of the process of wound healing.
4. Infections in the gums, skin, vagina, and urinary bladder.

In addition, Dr. Shalini also shares some tips to fight the pre-diabetes, “because people who have pre-diabetes also affected risk diabetes, You should pay attention to what they eat. It is better to eat a little portion of food consumption, low in fat and carbohydrates. In addition to diet, you should also often do sports and outdoor activities. ”

To prevent the development of pre-diabetic conditions become diabetic, you should go on a diet, sports, as well as the diligent checking my blood sugar and weight.

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